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10 reasons to visit Sydney for your next holiday

By traveldecorum | Sydney Holiday

Taking a vacation has always been about finding the time to relax and getting away from all the things that stress us out. Nothing in this world can be as exciting and rejuvenating as exploring a new city or country. Different culture, different people and a new land often make us realize that no amount of travelling can ever be enough.

Australia is one such country that has an amazing vibe to it! It is nothing like any other places we choose to travel to. Sydney is one such hugely popular tourist destination in Australia. Vibrant, young and bubbling with activity, this city is a travellers dream. Getting cheap flight deals from London to Sydney is now a matter of a few clicks. TravelDecorum has insanely great hotel packages and cheap flights to Sydney that makes it all a lot better and within our budget.

While there can never be enough reasons to list why one should visit Sydney for their next holiday, we can list some of them to help you pick this as your next travel destination.

1. Finger Licking Cuisine
Sydney Cuisine

Before listing the tourist spots, this deserves a mention! Australian gourmet cuisine is literally out of this world. Even if you don’t cover the entire checklist when in Sydney, you never have to worry about getting good quality fresh produce based meals. Each café and restaurant serves meals that are absolutely delicious.

2. Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House

The sight itself is iconic! Sydney is incomplete without the grand Opera House. Sitting pretty on the harbor, it has lots of shows that run in the week. Catching a show is a must even if you are not an opera lover.

3. Sydney Harbor Cruise Experience
Sydney Harbour Cuisine

The cruises are available at all times of the day for all budgets. Sit back and soak in all there is to see. You can also pick a destination and take a short cruise to it. But all in all, this memory is for keeps.

4. The Rocks
Sydney Harbour Cuisine

Shopping, eating and walking! That is all you will be doing here but enjoying every darn second of it. Take a walking tour of this area to understand the culture as it has history back to the 1800’s. Needless to mention, a lunch or dinner at the trendy cafes there is imperative.

5. Sydney Harbor Bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge

Climb up to the top and see the whole city in all its glory. Another landmark bridge that would definitely not disappoint you.

6. Darling Harbour
Sydney Darling Harbour

This huge pedestrian area has everything out of the books. Shopping, popular restaurants, Chinese garden, maritime museum, Sydney Aquarium etc. you name it and Darling Harbor has it. It is wise to spend a complete day here and see all the nearby attractions.

7. Bondi Beach
Sydney Bondi Beach

Tourist’s favorite beach is definitely Bondi! Indulge in outdoor activities and get some fun and sand in your hair.

8. China Town
Sydney China Town

Get a culture change and take a shopping expedition at China Town. Also taste authentic Chinese cuisine served in the restaurants here.

9. Blue Mountains
Sydney Blue Mountains

This is the perfect hiking getaway for adventure enthusiasts. A two-hour drive away from the city, Blue Mountains is all things exciting. Hike up different trails and relax at the luxurious resorts and hotels up there.

10. Taronga Zoo
Sydney Taronga Zoo

See the different kind of species that the Taronga zoo houses. It is one of the most well maintained harbor side zoos. With animals like Koalas, kangaroos and Giraffes, it promises a fun filled day. Don’t miss the Sky Safari!

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