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Cali: The Exquisite Vacation

By traveldecorum | Cali

Lying right at the heart of beautiful Cauca Valley, Cali is a modern festive city which is immensely popular for Salsa all across the world. This landlocked city is the third largest city in Columbia and one of oldest cities in Central America which was founded in 1536. Incredible though it may sound but it is true that one of the hottest tourists’ spots of today was not more than a mere rural outpost until the turn of this century. This festive city remains brimming up with life always and it would be safe for you to know where to go in Cali.

What is the Best Time to Visit Cali?

Owing to the tropical hot environment, people coming to Cali can expect dry seasons all through the year with temperature going up to mid-20s which means it remains neither too hot nor to cold and that makes it an ideal destination to welcome tourists in the night clubs, cultural activities, restaurants etc. all the year round.

The Cali Fair

December through March (just before the rains) is a dry season in Cali. January, February and March are the best months to start looking for flights to Cali Colombia from London or elsewhere. These are the peak festivity months also and the city experiences a huge crowd. Festivities in Cali begin right after the Christmas. “The Cali Fair” is the most significant cultural event of the year where a religious culture is celebrated. The fair showcases Salsa, horse-riding parades and fun-filled dance parties. You can choose to be a part of it and immerse yourself in fun and frolic. Salsa Marathon is the main attraction of the fair that displays thousands of dancers performing on the beats of orchestra. The site is simply spectacular.

April, May and June are the rainy months. Mushy couples can have beautiful moments together during these months in Cali and since these months are considered to be off-season, they can get cheap flights to Cali also. July and August are uncomfortable due to humid weather conditions though music festivals still draw visitors during these months.

Now that we have almost decided to go there, lets see what we can do there while on a vacation:

Overview of Cali:

Though Cali is a sports capital of Colombia, visitors can take flights to Cali for several other things also. There are well-conserved historical sites which reflect the rich-heritage of Cali. Cali has been a crowd puller. Right at the heart of the city, you will find center of tourists’ activities: Plaza De Caicedo”. Monuments are scattered all through the city telling tales of Cali’s rich past. Not only for historical sites and Nature’s beauty, Cali is famous for its liveliness also. There are round-the-clock entertainment venues where you can chill-out in the odd hours of the day. When evening wears on, visitors experience pleasant surprise in the ambiance all around the city when a new dawn of Salsa is marked by the melodious sounds of music and glittering lights.

Things You Should Not Miss Doing in Cali

Delirio Circus
Delirio Circus

If you think that you have not got enough of Salsa while being in Cali, do not forget to book ahead Delirio tickets. It is a famous Salsa circus and the tickets are likely to be sold-out quickly. Get to see the phenomenal performance of expert Salsa dancers. These shows are held in circus-like tents and a large crowd is expected here.

Visiting Capilla La Ermita:
Ermita Church

Capilla La Ermita is an architecturally beautiful church here which is built in an Ornate neo-Gothic style. Italian marble, inspiration and French-church bells, the cathedral is a must visit place for those who want to see an architectural jewel in Cali. La Ermita Church is an archetypal post card image of the city. The church was built between 1930 and 1948 and this 18th century marble jewel was brought over to Cali from Italy. The notable musical clock and windows here are from Amsterdam whereas the Iron gates were manufactured in the city in 1973. It preserves the rare images which are over three centuries old.

Walking Through Barrio San Antonio
San Antonio

Located in the Bohemian neighborhood of Cali, Barrio San Antonio church is worth visiting and a meandering walk through its streets would help you explore the oldest part of Cali. Cali zoo is another place which is highly recommended to the people visiting to Cali. Cali river runs through it. Apart from having a rich collection of diversified fauna and flora; there are fish ponds and freely roaming peacocks & iguanas all around.

Dinning in Cali
Dinning in Cali

If you have tried Columbian food earlier also, you must know how palatable it is. You can grab Cholado which is prepared by mixing fruits and covering them with the sweet syrup of condensed milk. You can try Lulado also which is a refreshing drink of Lulo fruit juice mixed with water and ice. You can have a special rice dish with chicken, potatoes and other veggies. Champas is soupy snack made up of corn and fruits.

Getting around Cali

There are no metros in Cali but MIO or Masivo Integrado de Occidente, a mass transit system runs through 95% of Cali. So, it is a good option to explore the city and to get the real feel of it. Taxis are another most popular mode of transportation. Taxis are easily available outside the airport and around the bus terminal. It is advisable to take taxis in group, if you are planning to explore the city at nights.

Cali can be rightly termed as sporting epicenter of Colombia. Pristine golf courses, enormous opportunities for hiking, adventure sports in the local parks and much more…Cultural festivals are held time to time and embody the rich indigenous heritage of Cali and European influence on it. You can visit an archeological park for experiencing cave paintings, ruins, tombs, celebrating with the locals or you can consider showcasing your salsa skills in nightclubs and enjoy the world-famous aromatic Columbian coffee in the morning. So, do not think twice about planning your trip with your family or friends to this festive city.

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