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A Paradise For Nature Lovers to Adelaide, Australia

By traveldecorum | Adelaide Holiday

Taking a walk in a beautiful park with birds humming, dogs running around, leaves so bright and people enjoying. If you are a nature lover, you know what I mean! For a nature lover, vacations are an extension of their personality. They love a warm vibe with lots of personable elements. Being close to nature is their way of relaxation and enjoyment.

So when planning a holiday with that mindset, the chosen city or country has to have a few nature based recreational activities for sure. After all that’s what is needed! Adelaide is a paradise for nature lovers. There are flights to adelaide from london, which makes it convenient to plan a trip with family or friends. Also all major airlines have cheap flights to adelaide from uk all year round, so with any budget, Adelaide is possible.

The city is extremely well planned and has the look of a prosperous and environment friendly city. It is divided into grids surrounding the River Torrens with the picturesque Adelaide Parklands smoothly running in the shape of a figure 8. These parklands are actually also a part of the heritage list of South Australia.

Here are the top 10 things Nature Lovers should do in Adelaide:

1. Adelade Parklands
adelaide Cuisine

We already know how beautiful these parklands are. They are an absolutely stunning highlight of the city. A stroll around is a must. There are 29 parks that together make these parklands in a grid format.

2. Kangaroo Island
adelaide Cuisine

It is 70 miles southwest of Adelaide and is Australia’s third largest island. The natural flora and fauna is being preserved by formation of several reserves. Don’t miss out on a chance to see Australian sea lions, koalas and kangaroos of course. It is also known for its honey, so pick up a bottle or two for gifting.

3. Eyre Peninsula
adelaide Cuisine

If you are an aquaculture fan and love seafood, this is your best bet. You can take a ferry to the peninsula from Adelaide. Also travellers can see white sharks up and personal by going for a cage dive among the other adventure activities.

4. McLaren Vale
adelaide Cuisine

One of the great Wine Capitals in the world, McLaren Vale is an absolute delight to visit when in South Australia. Sip on some famous dry red wine and enjoy a relaxing day here.

5. Adelaide Central Market
adelaide Cuisine

Fresh Adelaide produce is here to charm you. Pick and buy while strolling. Have your meals in the local cafes in the area and see the beauty of South Australia.

6. Hahndorf Hill
adelaide Cuisine

Located in the Adelaide hills, this small town has a strong German influence. Enjoy the old school farming and architectural experience.

7. Adelaide Botanical Garden
adelaide Cuisine

Nature Lovers paradise! The rose gardens, palm house, bicentennial conservatory and a botany museum make this visit a day to remember.

8. Adelaide Zoo
adelaide Cuisine

This zoo is a must visit. Have a look at the 1800 native species housed in this nonprofit zoo.

9. Cleland Conservation Park
adelaide Cuisine

Another one in the Adelaide Hills, Cleland Conservation Park is a protected park with a wildlife area and a café inside. There are emus, kangaroos and koalas along with a huge variety of reptiles and birds.

10. Beaches
adelaide Cuisine

What is a vacation without relaxing on a beach? You cannot miss the Henley Beach, Glenelg Beach, Southport Beach, Silver Sands Beach, Brighton Beach and Semaphore Beach.

This is just the beginning. There are so many outdoor fun activities to do in adelaide with that family that it will become the holiday of a lifetime.

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