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By traveldecorum | Miami Holiday

What does a good vacation mean to you? Is it just the relaxation from our routine turbulence or is it more than that. Not everyone looks to just relax and rejuvenate although that is the basic premise of a vacation. Looking around a new city and exploring a new country often gives us an opportunity to do things that we love. Eating from the best cuisines, seeing the architecture and monumental landmarks, shopping native crafts, indulging in adventure and basically doing whatever we love to do.

Miami is listed in the top 20 cities in the world to visit. It certainly does make the cut for a great city. Plan your trip in advance and book cheap flights tickets to Miami from London UK to unravel the fun.

When booking your tickets for Miami, keep in mind the season. Spring (March- May) and winter (December- March) is the best time to visit the city. The weather remains pleasant enough to enjoy outdoor activities. If you are looking for a budget trip, spring will be more apt as its not the peak season and prices start to dip. All major airlines fly regularly to Miami, which makes planning a lot easier. Try to customize your trip best to your planned itinerary and also sort your car hire for a seamless travel experience.

With a bustling big city life and a plethora of options to discover, here are the top 12 reasons to pick Miami, the magic city, for your next vacay.

1. South Beach (SOBE)
Madam Tussauds

Sunglasses and hates out! This glam beach tops the charts when we say Miami is a great tourist destination. As we have already seen in many movies, this neighborhood boasts of the best nightlife, celebrity restaurants, outdoor cafes, museums and shopping. It should be your first pick in the city. There is a lot to enjoy throughout the day.

2. Lincoln Road
Universal Orlando Resort

Shopping, shopping and more shopping. Lincoln road running parallel to the South Beach has all things interesting for an avid shopper. After all, after the relaxing beach we need some action. This can be planned in your itinerary with South Beach because of physical proximity.

3. Ocean Drive
Sea World Orlando

If you are taking a Fly Drive Miami Vacation, this 2.1 kilometer drive will have you looking at scenes from postcards. With a lot of restaurants, cabarets, hotels and some beautiful architecture, a drive on this iconic street is a must. Booking a fly drive to Miami often helps us learning a bit more about the city from the inside. Drive around, pick your favorite stop and enjoy the Miami vibe. Prime 112, A Fish called Avalon, Gianni’s and Mango Tropical Café are a few popular eating joints.

4. Bayside Marketplace
Fun Spot America Theme Park

This is a two floor open-air entertainment complex on the banks of the Biscayne Bay. Stroll around picking up some souvenirs or just enjoy the enthralling view whilst sipping some coffee. Don’t miss the Bayside Cigars and Bayside Logo shop for a few gift shopping. With Five Guys Burgers and Hooters, your food is definitely sorted.

5. Vizcaya Museum and Garden
IOCN orlando

For all lovers of art and architecture, this is your pit stop. The Villa Vizcaya is a sprawling property formerly owned by James Deering. It has a huge Italian themed Renaissance garden. The villa itself is designed with intricate detailing and baroque work. For people looking for some inspiration, this is heaven.

6. Miami Seaquarium
pointe orlando

This downtown Miami oceanarium is a marine delight to eyes. With so many species of marine mammals, it is exquisite to witness nature in its true prowess. Sharks, manatees, birds and sea turtles are just some of the housed species. You have a date with Lolita, the killer whale.

7. Art Deco Historic District
discovery cove

This colorful district is a respite for sore eyes. Filled with architectural prettiness and cafes, just walking around this landmark district will have you sighing in awe. Apart from the South Beach and Ocean Drive, you can also check out The Tailored Traveler, Lummus Park Beach, Official Art Deco Shop and Salsa Mia. The Art Deco District is full of things to see and do. One night out is booked here.

8. Everglades National Park
Orange County

National Parks are the best for hiking or just taking a jog amidst natural beauty. This is one of the biggest parks in the US. A mix of rainforest and wetlands, it is a uniquely preserved ecosystem. Don’t miss out on sighting the American crocodile and West Indian Manatee!

9. Miami Port
Orange County

Miami Port is the cruise capital of the world. All the major luxury cruises take a stop here. Take a cruise on your holiday and create memories of a lifetime. All the luxury cruises start from here,

10. Freedom Tower
Orange County

Schultze and Weaver have designed this landmark building in Miami. It is a historically significant structure that now serves as a museum for American history.

11. Jungle Island
Orange County

Former Parrot Jungle, Jungle Island is another experience unique to Miami. With over 3000 animal species, it has 1000 different kinds of parrots to see. Other special attractions include a liger, vultures, flamingos and cassowary. It also has a water park in the premises that has zip lines, swimming areas and water slides to enjoy.

12. Little Havana
Orange County

A little dose of culture is always a refreshing welcome change! Indigenous crafts and items from Cuba, local Cuban cuisine themed restaurants and culture rich vibrant streets to stroll around, Little Havana is a small piece of Cuba away from Cuba. When planning a trip to Miami, try to coordinate it with the Calle Ocho festival, which a Caribbean extravaganza held in Little Havana.

Miami is a very popular city for tourists and now we know why. With a lot of varied activities and things to do, Miami will be a trip you will reminisce forever. Book London to Miami Direct flights, Return Flights to Miami, Heathrow to Miami Cheap flights now!

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