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Things to avoid while booking Orlando family Holidays

By traveldecorum | Holiday

Imagine going for a vacation and coming back stressed! This is what happens when we don’t PLAN; plan being the operative word here. While booking a trip to a new location it is important to assimilate the information available at hand and organize the itinerary according to personal variables. Especially when it comes to a family holiday, where there are different age groups that require a different set of things to enjoy and have a good time.

Here are the top 8 things that one must avoid while booking Orlando family holidays:

1.Picking the Wrong Season
Wrong Season

Although the weather in Orlando is hot and humid all year round, but there are well-marked tourist seasons. Depending on weather you want to see the city in full glory during its peak season or choose a budget-friendly time, the trip should be planned accordingly. The budget, flights, hotels and itinerary will all depend on the season you pick to travel.

2. Uncomfortable Flying hours
Uncomfortable Flying hours

As a traveller, one looks for cheap flights in order to contain the trip in a budget. But when it comes to a family holiday, the flight timings and stops should be carefully considered and re-considered to make sure it suits everybody. Ensure you take into account the transfer times in case of an indirect flight. No one wants a crying baby on the flight and neither does anyone like to race to the flight with luggage and kids in tow, pun intended!

3. Crammed up itinerary
crammed itinerary

There is a lot to see in Orlando, I agree! But do you want to enjoy and relax or just run around seeing every possible thing you can, that’s the question. Plan the day to involve enough number of rest hours so that you can see everything with an open and happy mind. It shouldn’t get strenuous. Adding an extra day never hurts when it comes to a vacation.

4. Not making meal arrangements
Meal Arrangement

Unlike solo travelling, family travel involves proper meals at least three times a day. Make sure you get a breakfast at the hotel as a part of your package deal and try to make reservations at the popular hotels for the night. Orlando has umpteen hotels and restaurants that take prior reservations. Lunch can of course be a little spontaneous!

5. Booking the wrong hotel
Meal Arrangement

You do not want to be stuck at the wrong hotel when on vacation, trust me! Consider the number of people you are travelling with and their comfort. Booking a hotel appropriately is one of the most important things in a leisure family trip. The number of beds should suffice the people. If travelling with young children, consider a hotel having crèche facilities or a day care. If travelling with elderly, try to make the hotel closer to the city in case of any emergency. There are plenty of hotels and resorts to choose from in Orlando so booking will not be an issue.

6. Not Hiring a tour guide
Meal Arrangement

To fully explore a city and its history, it’s important to know the places where you would need a tour guide. There are experienced professionals who can really help you in understanding and planning your trip to maximize your knowledge of the city. It could also take the form or a tour organizer or a travel-based online platform.

7. Not Booking Tickets to the Amusement Parks
Meal Arrangement

Orlando is a major theme park hub! And especially during peak tourist seasons, the tourists throng the city in millions. Bookings tickets to the famous amusement parks and destinations will relieve the load of standing in queues and uncertainty of getting a ticket. You don’t want to disappoint the familiá.

8. Booking the wrong car for a Fly Drive
Meal Arrangement

If you are planning a fly drive to Orlando, choosing the right car is imperative! Consider the number of family members travelling and the space that would be comfortable and required for the entire trip. This point is often overlooked, given the budget, and the travellers are stuck with discomfort throughout the trip. With an array of places to visit in Orlando, a cheap fly drive to Orlando, florida is a great bang for your buck.

A family vacation is the best time to reconnect with your family and enjoy to the fullest. Putting in a little effort into planning can yield the best and most fulfilling result- A TRIP TO REMEMBER!

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