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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – The Extravagant Middle-Eastern Carnival

By traveldecorum | Abu Dhabi

The only F1 racing event that gives you a twilight view of the whole racing track. The circuit on which Lewis Hamilton has claimed 4 wins and Mercedes stands out by winning the best constructor title for 5 years back to back. The race set in an extravagant setting, in the world’s most posh city imaginable, amidst five-star hotels and fine-dining restaurants and flanked by structures that people flock to see from every corner. This is the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, running successfully for 10 years now, and is naturally one of the most breath-taking carnivals in the entire world for the Middle East holds nothing back when it comes to extravaganza.

Why should you book your tickets now?

Ferrari World

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix always hold a fascinating place among all the Grand Prix events merely due to its setting. The circuit is built on Yas Island, the posh retreat of the capital city itself. On top of this, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix tickets always see a fast sellout owing to the following reasons.

  • The F1 race is the most happening weekend of Abu Dhabi. The entire city comes alive with tourists, race enthusiast, VIPs, celebrities and much more. There is indeed no better time to visit Abu Dhabi than the period when F1 visits its shores.

  • The after-race megaevent – Yasalam. The concert is truly the greatest musical event that happens around the race where top global artists take the stage to perform for the gathered crowd. Adrenaline runs high in Yasalam and this is the trend for 10 years now.

  • Abu Dhabi is the place to be in for car-lovers. The Yas Marina Circuit is deservedly flanked by the Ferrari World where the car makers have everything for their fanatics. Plus, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix has race-related activities for their visiting fans which makes the race even more attractive.

  • And the best time to get your tickets sorted is at least 6-8 months before the event. Just like flight tickets, the prices for a seat at the F1 event shoot up as the event approaches. The same is also true for your travel and accommodation. And that is why you should book without delay.

Naturally, it goes without saying that the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix holiday packages are the best steps forward as the itineraries will include everything that you will want from your weekend in the UAE’s capital. Right from pick up and drop facilities to entries into Yasalam, the best packages will have the design that will make your travel worth cherishing.

How does the best F1 tour to Abu Dhabi look like?

abu dhabi

Before settling in on the best Abu Dhabi Grand Prix travel packages, you must sort out your expectations from your mega-holiday. Of course, you will want the best seats in the house of Yas Marina Circuit to cheer your favourite superstars zoom pass you. But you will also want the auxiliaries so that you can revel in the extravagances of Abu Dhabi, have the finest of experiences, and come back with more than just memories.

When you go for the best Abu Dhabi GP packages, expect it to look like this:

  • Return flights included in the package. And you must get the ticket you want, economy or business.

  • Full weekend tickets for the race. A choice among the South, North, West or Marina Grandstand on your tickets.

  • Accommodation in Abu Dhabi’s top hotels. Your options should include Sofitel in the Corniche, Dusit Thani or Fairmont.

  • Additional hospitality options like viewing the race from the F1 Paddock Club. This must come with fine-dining, customised drinks and much more.

  • Season Finale tickets to the Harbour Club, Yas Viceroy Hotel. 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is the final race of the season. Expect the season winner to be crowned there.

  • Entry to pre and post-race gigs and concert. In the 2019 event, Travis Scott is set to perform on November 29 followed by The Killers on the very next day. While you are there, how can you afford to miss out on all the electrifying events lined up just around the race?

  • Lastly, special packages at the Yas Suites. This is luxurious race-viewing redefined. See the race on screen from an air-conditioned room filled with eclectic delicacies and drinks. That is F1 racing for you!

With the right Abu Dhabi Grand Prix package deals, you can include all these along with front row seats, pit experience, entry to post-race gigs and much more. With the top package, these can come well within your budget, all the luxuries accommodated into that one long weekend. It is, after all, Abu Dhabi. Your indulgences cannot just see any compromise.

And how to turn all these up a notch?

You are in Abu Dhabi! Why not soak in the city while on your tour? With the best Abu Dhabi Grand Prix hospitality packages, you can get the services of a classy SUV at your disposal that you can use to ride around the Yas Island or even Abu Dhabi and make full use of your time there.

Start with the Emirates National Auto Museum
Emirates National Auto Museum

If you are there for the F1 race, how can you go home without visiting the heaven-on-earth for car fanatics? The public collection of the Emirates National Auto Museum boasts of over 200 cars from the diverse collection of the “Rainbow Sheikh”. Here, you can have a view of the world’s largest truck, a few classic American vehicles, and the well-known rainbow Mercedes collection. Truly, a must visit for all car lovers.

Head over to the Al Wathba Camel Race Track

Seriously! Camel races in Abu Dhabi are as nerve-wracking as the F1 itself. As the 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is set to happen in winter, you can really head out of Abu Dhabi to experience this lifetime spectacle where camels run on the desert sand in a tension-filled ambiance. You can visit the paddock or choose to be a spectator, but watching the race is sure to get you ready for the cars that will do the same later.

Next, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the Louvre Abu Dhabi
the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The two best places to calm your nerves down and view other manmade wonders that are more artistic than fast. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in the world and is probably the ambassador of Abu Dhabi that brings in the architecture fanatics. It has the capacity to sit 40000 worshipers which should give you an idea of its expanse. And then there is the Louvre Abu Dhabi, the sister to Paris’ great art museum which houses a few of the stunning displays combining the art of the Middle East and Europe.

Stop by at Ferrari World, right beside Yas Marina
Drive in the winter sun to Dubai

As a race fan, you just cannot miss the towering roller-coaster rails with the well-known horse symbol at the gates. Ferrari World is one of the biggest attractions of Yas Island. With Ferrari’s top-selling cars on display, the amusement park is dotted with rides, exhibitions, racing games and much more. You can really spend an entire day here, absorbing the car maker’s marvels and getting some virtual driving experience of your own. See Ferrari’s racing cars up close and learn about its history in the F1 events.

Dine fine, dine in Abu Dhabi
Dine fine, dine in Abu Dhabi

As the race ends for the day and your nerves begin to signal hunger, it will then be time to loiter around the Yas Island or head to downtown Abu Dhabi for some exquisite Middle Eastern feasting. Head over to the Villa Toscana or the Byblos Sur Mer. Or the Terrace on the Corniche or the BOA Steakhouse. While some sport posh interiors, others give you a rooftop view of the city. All the while indulging in the Mediterranean cuisine you order along with the drink beside.

The top F1 packages Abu Dhabi is not only about the race. It is also about your weekend, family time and the city of Abu Dhabi. Search for the best deals and go for the one that gives you more than just value for money.

So, get ready for the most extravagant racing carnival

And book one from the best Abu Dhabi Grand Prix holiday packages. You will naturally have your expectations as a racing fan. And then you will have a few more expectations as a travel enthusiast. Only the best packages can accommodate all, give you the luxury while you fly and help you to save your energy for the Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix travel packages of TravelDecorum may just be the perfect choice for you. Here, you not only have 3 package options to choose from that include all the racing experiences in your budget, but you also get special hospitality packages as add-ons to accentuate your Abu Dhabi Grand Prix viewing experience. From return flight tickets to SUVs for hire, 5-star hotel experience to front seats at the circuit, TravelDecorum has every need of yours sorted for you.

So, select the right and select the best. The biggest sporting event in the UAE is coming. Get your travel bags ready.

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