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Atlanta: The Exciting Vacation

By traveldecorum | Atlanta

Did you know that that a worker in UK is allowed 5.6 weeks of paid holiday per year? That is sufficient for travellers, isn’t it? Sadly, no amount of paid vacation is ever enough! We all love to dream of the unachievable by habit. I have however written my list down for this year for all the cities I’m going to cross off. With 192 countries to see in one lifetime, I got to use my free time wisely.

Atlanta is one of the cities I have chosen for 2019. It is an urban city giving goals to all the overly developed cosmopolitan cities. It is known as the “City in a Forest”, can you imagine a new-age city having so much influence of nature. More than 45% of the city is covered with trees. For a city that was rebuilt from ruin from a war, this is a long leap forward. So, Atlanta had to make it to my list for 2019 for sure.

It is extremely accessible from all part of America, a roughly 3-hour flight, and also a lot of major airlines have their stopovers at Atlanta. You can always a take a flights to atlanta georgia from uk, as there are a wide variety of options available to choose from. There are more than 4 flights operating daily from London itself. It’s 9 hour 40 minutes for a London to Atlanta cheap flights.

If you are the luxury type, Grand Hyatt, Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway, Ramada Plaza and The Westin are good options to book for your stay. For a medium to low budget, Atlanta has Holiday Inn Express, Red Lion Hotel, Hilton Garden Inn and Comfort Suites.

The best time to fly to Atlanta is from March to May as the temperature is very pleasant. The prices are decent and not as high as that in the summers. For travellers looking to save a buck, you can take a chance during the winters and enjoy the snow!

Now that we have almost decided to go there, lets see what we can do there while on a vacation:

1. Atlanta Botanical Garden

Botanical gardens are always a treat to visit! This 30 acres of space is a sensory delight. Not only is it there for the display of plants and flowers but it also strives to educate and preserve the flora in Atlanta. It also boasts of a super pretty canopy walk that has a stunning forest view.

2. Olympic Park

This park is usually used for concerts and gigs so catching one here should be on your list. However if nothing is on during your trip, do check out the fountain in the Centennial Olympic Park called the Fountain of Rings.

3. World of Coca Cola

As I write this blog with a cold can of Coca Cola in my hand, I can vouch that you would want to see this! This 3-floor grand museum has everything about the advent of the Coca Cola revolution quite literally. I have always wanted to find the secret formula of this heaven of a drink!

4. Georgia Aquarium

After the number of shark movies I have devoured on, I need to see a good solid shark in an aquarium. Apart from the whale sharks, the Atlanta Aquarium houses beautiful sea lions, manta rays, beluga whales and loads of other endangered species. There are over 100000 species for you to see and sigh over.

5. Zoo Atlanta

I love the zoo! And the one at Atlanta has some of my favorite animals. This is a must take trip and don’t forget to click the gorillas, pandas, parakeets, ostriches, rhinos and the majestic elephants.

6. Atlanta Film Festival

If you happen to travel to Atlanta during spring, The Atlanta Film Festival is what you can enjoy. It is one of the leading film festivals with an interesting selection of international films.

7. Martin Luther King Park

This historic park is a salute to the hero! It is a memoir of Martin Luther King’s journey right from his childhood to his adulthood and his ideas and plans. Learn of his struggle, his childhood home, see the Gandhi Promenade and enjoy a day full of national spirit and history.

8. Mary Mac’s Tea Room

This one is legendary! Foodies you will turn Southern with all the lip-smacking food here. After all Atlanta is also famous for its amazing cuisine. There is fried chicken and honestly we do not need more. Also try their banana pudding.

9. Paschal’s

Another feather in Atlanta Southern cuisine’s cap. This one is a classic and extremely famous among the tourists. There is Soul Southern food on the menu and a Jazz club next door. You have to try their hand battered chicken.

10. Piedmont Park

Vacation is not just about following an itinerary though. Take a jog at Piedmont Park or arrange for a picnic. Enjoy the scenery at the meadow; go fishing in the lake or just laze around seeing other people around. Bask in the Atlanta sun!

11. The Varsity

If by chance by this time you still have not figured out a unique place to eat, go check out the Varsity. It is the largest fast food drive in restaurant in the world.

12. Stone Mountain

This is a memorial site in a suburb in Atlanta. Check out the carvings and take the sky lift for the amazing view. It is always advisable to take a guided tour to places of historic importance to understand the relevance and emotion behind it

With Atlanta having the busiest airport in the world, book you cheap flights to atlanta from london heathrow as soon as possible!

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