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Solo Travel For Women

The Perfect Solo Travelling Destinations That are Safe Especially for Women

By traveldecorum | Solo Travel For Women

What an enriching experience it is to travel alone! With everyone being hard pressed for time and budget, planning a vacation for self is more rewarding sometimes than coordinating with your posse. You get to learn so much while travelling and often it is also the best time for some soul searching and introspection. Why, you ask? I firmly believe in the stressful times of today, a holiday is the perfect relaxation tool that will unwind and rejuvenate your mind.

Solo travelling has greatly picked up and more and more countries are seeing a rise in this genre of holidays. Females are also travelling solo and taking the plunge in terms of the safety and restrictions often imposed on them. I think its commendable how fearless and liberated women are today. With the increasing confidence and great packages now available for solo travelling, here is a list of top 10 places to travel alone especially for females.

Paris, France
Paris, France

The city of amazing weather coupled with arguably the best wines and cheese. A solo trip to Paris will open your senses to food, fashion and art in another perspective all together. It is reasonably safe for solo female travellers. There is a lot to do and see in the city including famous Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Seine river cruise and lots of street shopping strips. Don’t miss out on the street cafes and restaurants!

New York, USA
New York, USA

This will be an iconic trip for a female solo traveller! This city is famous for its nightlife and shopping. You will arguably get to do almost everything here. Accommodation is available in almost all budgets. You will not feel alone roaming around the streets and making new friends is not a task. New York City is known for its bustling single population. Don’t forget to take a run or stroll in the Central Park and Times Square.

Rome, Italy
Rome, Italy

Each Street, each lane and every building will satiate your artistic soul. Rome is full of culture and has some exceptional views. Keep your cameras ready and pack a pair of comfortable shoes for all the insane amount of walking around you will do. Enjoy the museums, churches and most of all the authentic food delicacies.

Melbourne, Australia

If you are looking for a solo trip that will be completely different from home, try Australia! Melbourne is primarily known for its excellent coffee roasts, amazing gourmet food and the best shopping experience. People are very friendly and warm so assistance will never be an issue. You can also travel to other cities while making Melbourne your base. Travelling is extremely safe here for all travellers. Pick up a few homegrown wines at the Yarra Yarra River Valley!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Be prepared to fall in love with the color, vibrancy and the nightlife of Amsterdam. Ranked in the top 5 lists in almost all categories, this city is one of the safest for female solo travel. The architecture will blow your mind and the long nights will help you soak up the true spirit of this city. Many hostels and hotels are available in all budgets. The food is an exciting amalgamation of various European cultures. If you like old city vibes with a modern city twist, pick Amsterdam without a shadow of doubt.

Montreal, Canada

Canada is one of the safest countries for women to travel to. It boasts of very low crime rates and the native people are ever smiling and warm. The nightlife and day activities provide the perfect balance that fit the bill for any exciting holiday. Take a guided tour or the hop on hop off bus to see all local attractions, museums and churches. The Whale cruise and the St. Lawrence sightseeing cruise are often the highlights of any trip here. Visit the Cirque du Soleil and Cinema Moderne for the ultimate Montreal experience.

Vancouver, Canada

Lush and beautiful! Every city in Canada is super safe and stunning panoramic views. There is an overwhelming positive vibe that travellers are very fond of which also creates a soft spot for Canada. The most important thing to do here, in Vancouver, is visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge. If beauty could be defined in architecture, this bridge would top the list. Carry your cameras as the selfies are going to come out exquisite. Party in Yaletown, hike up the Grouse Mountain and take a lovely walk in the Stanley Park.

Toronto, Canada
Torpnto, Canada

Another Canadian city in the list! When it’s about safe and best solo travelling, Canada is a high scorer. Niagara Falls is close so taking a trip there should be on the top of your list. Visiting the local markets here in Toronto will delight your senses. Kensington and St. Lawrence Market are vibrant and perfect for your souvenir shopping. There are museums, zoos, aquariums, forts and Botanical gardens that will fill up your itinerary and make each day special.

Sydney, Australia

Lay by the beach with your shades on! Sydney is all you need to have fun. Take a long walk at the Hyde Park, visit the Royal Botanic museum and the Sydney Harbour. The city is full of nightlife, pubs, restaurants and water adventure sports. Accommodation and food will never be an issue in Australia. There are a lot of homestays for budget travellers. Do not forget to get that famous Aussie tan while admiring the clear blue beautiful sky.

New Zealand
New zealand

Are you an adventure junkie? New Zealand will make your solo travel full of the adrenaline rush you are looking for! Bungee jumping, jet boating, skiing, cycling, mountain biking, kayaking, you name it and it is available. The cityscapes are beautiful and extremely scenic. It is not crowded at all and travellers can enjoy some peace and quiet. All facilities are available at a reasonable price and one can plan a trip very easily. Choosing a nice well-equipped hotel should be a priority while booking.

With solo travelling on the rise, it’s the right time for you to plan and take that pending trip! Research the city well and make a customized itinerary to make the most of your time on your vacation.

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