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Easter and Good Friday

Top 10 Cities to Visit this Easter and Good Friday Holiday

By traveldecorum | Easter and Good Friday

It is almost blossom time and it brings with it a lot of festivities, joy and excitement of the holidays. April is one of the best times to plan a vacation; the temperature is often milder and is accompanied by some occasional showers that relieve us of the increasing heat. With Easter and Good Friday celebrations over the weekend, planning a holiday should be the first thing on your mind. With April also being the lean period in the holiday calendar, be prepared for some great discounts at hotels, cheap flights and fewer overenthusiastic tourists.

Things to remember while planning you Easter and Good Friday vacation:

  • With the holiday just next month, do all your bookings and plan your itinerary in advance
  • Check the weather conditions before you finally pick a place as April is a transition month weather wise
  • Keep some accessories handy especially if travelling with children namely gloves, raincoat, umbrella
  • Get ready to have the time of your life!

I will definitely help you pick the best of the best available for this holiday. Here are my suggestions for the top 10 cities to visit during your 2019 Easter and Good Friday weekend.


This city is always bubbling with activity and party throughout the year. April is no different! With the Miami Food and Wine Festival, Miami Beach Pride, The Riverday Festival, Blues and Barbeque festival, Polo World Cup, Film Festival among many other events happening here in April, you will have a lot of fun filled things to do and enjoy. City wise, it has a vibrant and cosmopolitan feel with an amazing nightlife and some of the best cuisines to savor.


The best pick out of all these cities if you are travelling with kids or well if you are just as normal as all of us! Walt Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Studios, I can’t even imagine getting less than enthralled every second of the holiday. It is called the theme park capital of the world for a reason. There are also some extremely exquisite resorts and spas along with a fantastic fine dining scene. You can also go for a fly drive in Orlando, it is one of the best cities for a fly drive vacation. Explore this city at your own pace and convenience for a fulfilling trip.

3.Montego bay
Montego bay

Head to Montego Bay Jamaica if you are looking for that perfect beach vacation during the Easter Holiday. It is resplendent in its views and unparalleled in its experience. It has amazing Jamaican cuisine along with beautiful beaches, moderate weather, river rafting experience on the Martha Brae, an experience of a lifetime at the Luminous Lagoon, a party trip to Ocho Rios with the illuminating fish and just the best time of your life. Don’t forget to treat your taste buds with the Jamaican jerk chicken and beer on the beach.

4.St. Lucia
St. Lucia

St. Lucia is an all year round luxury destination and an amazing pick for the Easter- Good Friday Holiday. It has all the premises for an amazing and rejuvenating vacation with the presence of top of the line hotels, restaurants, incredible black sand beaches, lovely hiking trails in the rainforest and a drive-in volcano. Is there anything that can beat this? I don’t think so. St. Lucia is now immensely popular among tourists for the experience that no other big city can give.

5.New York
New York

There is no bad time to pick New York for a holiday; we know that, don’t we? I think it is a travellers dream to see this city in all its shades and colors throughout the year. April is also extremely colorful and vibrant a time to see this city. You can always go and attend the various concerts and music festivals for some excitement. Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom festival is also one to look out for. Apart from the April special events, there is always Times Square and Central Park for all to enjoy.


Atlanta is a beautiful city with a warm and cultural feel that is only surpassed by the beautiful synchronization of city life and suburban rejuvenation. There is the Piedmont Park for all nature lovers to enjoy and take a lovely evening stroll in. Atlanta Botanical Gardens are also exquisite to see. But the best of the trip would be the World of Coca Cola that is in the outskirts of the city and a must visit. It is a historic museum that will give you a 360-degree view into the spectacular world of Coca Cola. The flights are extremely cheap during this time of the year and you may be able to complete the trip in a record budget.


If you are looking for a luxury getaway and full on relaxing trip for the Easter Good Friday holiday, this is definitely your pick. With all world-class resorts here accompanied by the serene beaches, you will not regret taking this trip. Also April is the driest month in Antigua with moderate temperatures and jaw dropping prices on hotels. The tourist traffic is also at its minimum so you will have the city all to yourself to explore.


Down Under also serves as a great option for an Easter holiday. Adelaide has a lot of activity for you to enjoy, your itinerary would be full with interesting and fun things to do. The weather is pleasant and rather beautiful with the sky in lovely shades of red and orange. Make sure to check out the Adelaide Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Hahndorf Hills and Kangaroo Island. For all wine lovers, McLaren vale is an absolute must to sip on some authentic wine.


Another culturally fuelled destination that has a ton of Spanish and Cuban influence. It is another upcoming vacation destination infused with a lot of small town charm. Ybor City is a cultural neighborhood in tampa that is known for its hand rolled cigars, which serve as the perfect souvenirs. There are also a lot of breweries that provide for an excellent day-spend in the great company of wine and cheese. For adventure, head to the Busch Park and Adventure Island. Tampa doesn’t disappoint and is perfect for a weekend trip.


Say hello to the land of Salsa and food. Cali serves endless excitement and sumptuous food just as it promises. It is the land of color, dance, music and food plus it is all indigenous and authentic. If you want to try out a a unique vacation destination that will satiate your spirit, I would definitely suggest Cali in Colombia.

Now that your pool of destinations is set, pick out the city of your choice and go have the time of your life, click umpteen pictures, spend quality time with your loved ones and celebrate this Easter weekend with a lot of love and enthusiasm.

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