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USA Grand Prix

The United States Grand Prix – Rustic, Racing and More

By traveldecorum | USA Grand Prix

Where wouldn’t you go, as a racing fanatic, to witness the Formula 1 live? Won’t you cross continents and oceans to see your favourite drivers race each other and car makers giving their everything? With the United States Grand Prix around the corner, you can, in fact, cross the Atlantic to live your passion and head over to Austin, Texas to soak in the adventure. If Texas already has an adrenaline-filled history, F1 brings that back to life, and there is indeed no better place to witness the racing megaevent other than this southern State of the United States.

But before you get all excited and book your United States Grand Prix tickets, you need to find out the various ways in which you can fill your long weekend and enjoy the racing event in its full grandeur. If you get a seat in the far corner of some unknown stand, your journey will become fruitless as your view of the cars will just last for a few seconds. So, you will need the right package, the itinerary, and more importantly, the right travel agent.

The best ways to enjoy the America F1 Grand Prix

Imagine how these sound like as part of your F1 travel itinerary:

  • Travel -return flights included in your package. You have the option of choosing between economy and business class. The hassle of flight tickets and booking with a deal taken away from you.

  • Accommodation -in the best hotels possible right beside the Circuit of the Americas. Again, 3-star or 5-star, your choice. Full comfort and luxury guaranteed so that you can save all your energy for the main event.

  • Hotel
  • Tickets -to the seats you want with the best possible views. May be near turn 1 that gives you a spectacular view of the Mexican landscape or the Grandstand from where the entire circuit comes into view.

  • Other passes -Pre-race and post-race gigs. F1 events do not start and end with just the race. There are concerts, exhibitions, pit experiences and much more. You will want to get passes for all these to make the full out of your weekend.

  • Added hospitality -heard about the Paddock Club? Where food and beverages overflow with you sitting in an airconditioned room viewing the race? You will want access to that to amp up your race-viewing experience. That will complete your travel.

  • Hospitality

Now, that seems like a total value for money and indeed the best F1 travel itinerary. So, when you are heading out for the F1 Grand Prix, make sure to book such United States Grand Prix packages that will include all of the above. News has it that the Pink and Imagine Dragons will perform in the 2019 Austin F1 event and how can you miss out on that electrifying atmosphere being a fan of the entire F1. You will want to soak it all in, create memories and experiences, and thus, booking the right package with the best itinerary is important.

And all that cannot end your Austin experience

Just when you thought that you are all done with the planning, selected the best among all the USA Formula 1 packages, here are something more for you. Austin, Texas, is a complete adventure package. You will want a rented car during your holiday to explore the city or experience COTA activities. Once you have the vehicle to move around, you can indulge in the following to make your weekend even more fun-filled.

Bite into the racing cake – take part in COTA Karting
Cota karting

The Circuit of the Americas or COTA is known for its regular Karting event. Stay back after the race and sign up for your own share of some racing gig. You can hire a kart, relive the racing experience that you just saw, and drive like anything on the sidelines of this famous circuit. The feeling will truly be amazing and as a race fan, you will cherish it all your life. And do not expect easy competition. Other race fanatics will also be there with their own karts.

Drive out to taste some Texan delicacies
Texan delicacies

While in Texas, you simply cannot come back home with trying out some rustic American cuisine. After the enthralling but exhausting day at the United States F1 Grand Prix, you will need some protein power to charge you up for the next day and Austin has no lack of restaurants to satiate your hunger. Franklin BBQ serves the best cooked meat in the city and Veracruz All Natural can treat you with a few fantastic tacos. Let Austin’s food start and end your day and see how long will you remember your weekend.

Take a musical ride around the city
Musical Ride

Austin or the whole of Texas, as a matter of fact, is known for its music. And hence it is not surprising to detect music stores strewn around the entire urban area. In Austin, you can book private tours to hit the musical hotspots to collect souvenirs or visit the Waterloo Records to pick your own favs of vinyl records. Some music shopping, before and after the race, is the perfect way to chill out and explore Austin at its best.

Pamper yourself with some rustic ales
Rustic Ales

Another indulgence that you cannot miss out while in Austin. Treat your taste buds with some of the city’s unique farmhouse-style ales, especially at the Jester King Brewery. You will be left amazed with the variety and expanse of these Texan breweries and the cult that survives around it. Austin is dotted with classic breweries and you are sure to find a famous one at every corner. Lookout during your drive and drop by one at your time.

The best USA Formula 1 packages are not only about the main racing event. They are also curated to give you the city’s experience that you are visiting so that your entire weekend is fun-filled and memorable. 3 days will go behind soaking in the F1 race and its associated events. You can have one more day in those packages to travel in the city and dig out the hidden urban gems.

So, start your planning, but do it right

Pick only the best Formula 1 packages Austin that will give you a full experience of the entire US Grand Prix. The best form of journey, the best seats in the house, the best hospitality passes and the best accommodation. Just like the ones available at TravelDecorum where you can select one from three available options that are curated to provide for all types of travelers. You get accommodation is hotels like the Crown Plaza or Omni Austin SouthPark depending on the package you select, passes to all post-race gigs, premium additional hospitality packages and much more. TravelDecorum is indeed your one-stop shop to book your F1 tickets.

Wait no more for the United States F1 Grand Prix. The megaevent fills out fast and this year promises to be electric. Can Lewis Hamilton reclaim his spot in one of the most challenging circuits with a picturesque landscape? Can Mercedes continue its dream run in the F1 events?Find out live in the rustic city of Austin and also explore Texas in the best place possible. The US awaits. Time to book a holiday package that will fly you out over the Atlantic.

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